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Delphi Freeman
Band Bio

Indie-pop-rock trio Delphi Freeman is a seasoned young band from the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Lead singer-songwriter Delphi and her two brothers Luke (percussionist/back vocals) and James (bassist) have played live shows tri-weekly for over 4 years in San Francisco which gained them an unmatched degree of exposure to a massive flow of international tourists from around the world. They went on to become a Bay Area favorite in the music scene throughout Northern California playing at fairs and music festivals, wine country events and at various popular breweries and cafes. 

Their music has taken them into esteemed SoCal venues such as Hotel Cafe and The Mint. They were featured at NAMM in 2016 and organized their own tour through Utah in 2018. They are excited for a national tour in the near future. 

The band strives to be lyrically and musically innovative combining classic rock instrumentation and electronic effects illustrated in their 13-track album “Audio Cinema” featuring Magik*Magik Orchestra (Death Cab for Cuties) and Jefferson Starship musicians Donny Baldwin (drums) and Chris Smith (Keyboard). Also featured on the album are the Delphi Trio (Strings) and P-Funk’s saxophonist Greg Thomas. The album was recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, and released in May 2017.  

In addition, a private live album “Lost Coast” (also produced at Fantasy) was released in 2019. Their latest track “If You Let Me Go” was released November 2021, with two more tracks soon to be released spring 2022. 

All their tracks can be found on their YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and all major streaming platforms under Delphi Freeman.

The trio band members are siblings, and each one of them is a musician, producer, and creative in their own right. Together they bring a fresh and inspirational vibe to music scenes wherever they travel.

Karen Lyford[email protected] 

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